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20 December 2020

2020 may have landed us in a situation no one saw coming, but just in time for Christmas AMARU shines a light in the darkness
as he makes his
literary debut with the release of his cookbook "AMARU COOKS - A Touch Of Suriname Through Food & Anecdotes".
It's been a long time coming, though. AMARU started to work on this book around the end of 2017, but because of the pending release
of his
award winning debut album "Champagne Attitude", which needed to be promoted, the book project was pushed to the back burner.

AMARU COOKS - A Touch Of Suriname Through Food & Anecdotes" is an introduction to the very diverse Surinamese cuisine and
AMARU has included a great number of very popular dishes from his native Suriname, taking into consideration the fact that the
ingredients for the aforementioned recipes are ingredients that are readily available in most countries. After all, purchasing a cookbook
would suggest that one will try to prepare some of the dishes in said cookbook, if not all of them. And ingredients that are not available
because of geographic restrictions would be a very unfortunate circumstance.

AMARU COOKS - A Touch Of Suriname Through Food & Anecdotes" is a cookbook that describes in detail the preparation of the dishes as if
AMARU himself is right there with you, guiding you along the way. The book is written in English and the author has done his very best to accommodate English speaking people who are both on the metric as well as on the imperial system, so measurements are listed
in inches, fluid ounces, centimeters, milliliters and centimeters, for instance.

While AMARU introduces his readers to great recipes from his homeland, he also reflects on times passed.
In the "
Reflections" chapters he shares with you stories from his childhood, many pertaining to cooking, but he also touches briefly
on his work as a singer and an actor. In addition to that, the visuals that accompany the recipes are also a feast for the eyes!
As a published (food) photographer himself, AMARU shot all the photos himself and he wanted to present his audience with
nothing but the best! And speaking of visuals, make sure to
subscribe to AMARU's culinary web series "Food & The Single Guy" on Youtube.

Language: English
ISBN: 9-781716-511394
Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inches (21.6 x 21.6 cm)
Cover & Binding: hard cover, bound
Interior: Full color
Number of pages: 106

For bookings and press related inquiries (only), please click on the
Contact & EPK" tab and fill out the contact form.

AMARU COOKS - A Touch Of Suriname Through Food & Anecdotes" is published by URAMA BOOKS (© 2020)
and printed in the U.S.A. by (©)

AMARU COOKS - A Touch Of Suriname Through Food & Anecdotes" is now available worldwide at a bookstore near you, such as
Lulu, Barnes & Noble and Bookshop

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